Our vision is to help narrow the digital divide that exists in the Hispanic business community by making data tools more available to small businesses through training, digital resource-sharing, development of analytics platforms, and low cost cloud-based business services.


The HISCEC Foundation is committed to building sustainable economic prosperity in the business community through the use of technology, the Internet as a business tool, access to big data, access to capital, education and community engagement.


Economic Prosperity Coalition

Programs and initiatives focused on innovation, competition, and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to help to increase wealth and living standards in the communities we serve.

Women in Business and Leadership Coalition

Our goal is to mentor, encourage and develop women entrepreneurs. Our programs support professional growth and leadership for women.

Business Innovation Coalition

Committed to helping businesses grow by promoting the use of the Internet as a business tool to help family-owned businesses to become more competitive in the marketplace.


Sponsor’s investment is key to support HISCEC Foundation’s community outreach efforts. Resources collected are invested towards educational resources: Seminars, Workshops, Webinars and other business resources. Connecting with companies committed to support our mission is key to keep nurturing the growth and development of the Foundation in a meaningful and substantial way. By partnering with us you can help narrow the digital divide in the Hispanic business community, create jobs and build economic prosperity in the community at large.